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Cookies are text files used by browsers and servers to track the posts you already have read, links you have already clicked, if you have clicked the "remember me" when logged in or not etc.

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This site uses cookies. The cookies used are mostly for the correct operation of the website and for improving your navigation, such as session cookies and site preferences, clicks on the site's articles for statistics(ex. the most clicked article etc.). But some third party extensions or plugins on this site

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For example, if you read an article that has an embedded video/image or link, that video/video player may use third party cookies that can't be controlled by

for more information on the cookies the extensions/plugins/contents/media are using,how to disable them and how are used, you should check the third party website for further infos on how those cookies are used.

Also sharing contents by using a share button may set a cookie from the service you have chosen to share with. Is similar to the embedded media cookies and you have to refer to third party website to have more information on how those cookies are used and how to disable them.


You can disable cookies in your browser and make it notify when cookies are sent.

you can also set it to refuse all cookies and you can delete the cookies who have already been sent.


you can also probably block all cookies through your browser settings(depending on the browser). check out the browser's help window or its website or try to visit this site for a guide:

for further information about what cookies are and how do they work, that website also has a nice explanation here: